After a lovely childhood in Rome, Italy, Simon was educated in England. The family passion for horses inspired him to study for the British Horse Society's BHSAI, followed by the Instructor training of the Advanced National Certificate in Equine Business Management at Warwickshire College of Equine Studies. This led to many years as a commercial trainer contracted to London’s biggest Equestrian centres.

After returning to mainland Europe, Simon was lucky enough to study with some wonderful mentors and became driven to overcome the limits set by the industry on our horses, and to discover the unifying principles behind Greek, Roman and the Renaissance Schools to find ways of helping each and every horse be as healthy, happy and useful as can be,

From his stable in Normandy, France, Simon became the first non-French national to obtain the Brevet Professionnel and become a Trainer and Examiner for the La Fédération Française d'Equitation (FFE) and now coaches bio-mechanically sound training techniques internationally.

'I cherish the horses and riders in my charge, and it has been a great pleasure to help them achieve both French and European Championship successes in the right way, which is a relief'.

Email: quadriapony@aol.com

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